Make an Impact

There have been hundreds of stories over the years of lives that have been touched and changed as the Lord uses Champions to accomplish his work. Below are a few recent testimonies:

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Jose began participating in Champions Academy at 15 years old. One day during small group Bible study, Jose began to cry and shared that he wanted to leave home, where he did not feel loved, and that the only place where he felt valued and loved was in Champions. Leadership counseled and mentored Jose to encourage him and help him find strength through Christ to persevere. We are thankful that Jose was able to endure through that difficult time. He is currently 20 years old and continues to express that Champions is the place where he finds real love. 

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Jostin joined Champions Academy at 14 years old. Initially reserved and shy, he gradually became more comfortable and one day tearfully shared during small group that he had made plans to end his life. He had overheard a conversation between his parents in which they expressed regret at the inconvenience of his birth. Leadership communicated with Jostin’s parents, who were greatly impacted to learn what their son had been going through and contemplating and asked his forgiveness. Champions leadership continued to meet individually with Jostin to counsel and disciple him and arranged for him to attend a five-day spiritual retreat with Young Life, which proved a turning point for him for understand that he is loved not only by his parents and other people in his life but also by the Lord. Jostin is currently 17 years old and is an exemplar participant in Champions Academy.

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Nicaragua has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Central America, with almost 1 in 3 girls giving birth before age 18. With positive recreational opportunities, community, mentors, and discipleship, Champions girls are breaking the trend: we currently have about 60 regular female participants, and in four years, none of our female participants have become pregnant.

Champions For Jesus depends entirely on donations to provide the programs and opportunities that mean so much to our participants in Nicaragua and which can be offered at a tiny fraction of the cost for similar programming in the US. The children and youth who participate in Champions leagues and activities would not have the resources for or access to such opportunities without the generosity of people like you. 

Donations to Champions For Jesus, Inc. are tax-deductible.

Current Needs


Our monthly operating costs are about $1,000 per month, all for on-the-ground work in Nicaragua. Please help us keep doing what we are doing. 


Students come to our small office / community center to work on homework and hang out in a safe space. Since many local students do not have a computer and internet in their home, we’re happy to be able to offer this resource for their use. However, after serving many children daily for a number of years, our computers have reached the end of their useful lives and need to be replaced. Approximate cost for 4 new desktop computers: $1,500. 


Other communities have asked us to come to them to provide our programming and discipleship for their children. This truly feels like a case of “the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.” We would love to reach every community that invites us, but our limited staff and volunteers are stretched thin. With an additional full-time staff member, we would be able to provide Champions to youth in additional neighborhoods. Approximate cost: $4,000 per year.

Short-Term Mission Trips

Due to travel complications associated with the pandemic, we are not planning a group mission trip in the immediate future. However, if you have an interest in hearing about such a trip when offered, please let us know at